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  • 2023-08-03 14:02:28

    Amazing for hydrating your skin!!!


    This is a fantastic product for hydrating your skin. My gf and I put it on at night and our skin continues to be hydrated throughout the next day. You can tell that there’s something in the product that other hydrating or moisturizing products don’t have. My skin feels plump and smooth because of this product. I would definitely recommend you try this! Great for men and women

  • 2023-08-03 14:01:30

    Richest essence toner!


    During my trip to Seoul last year, I learned about this product and bought few bottles after I trying it. I've been using both the essence toner & firming ampoule, they're both so very rich, it's able to keep my skin hydrated all day with healthy glow. Finally ran out of my last bottle and was so happy to find it on Amazon! I love Korean beauty products, I think they're better in quality and price, but this one is the winner for me, love it.

  • 2023-06-15 13:24:16

    A bit pricey, but the serum works well, ane of my favorite


    Radipair Homme Concentrated serum is one of my favorite facial serums so far. It is made for man which I don't see too much different speed between this and other serums that use by my wife.The bottle is bigger than i expected. It has a nice sommth pump with opening on the side. One pump is enough for most of the face. The serum is very silky, smooth but not runny. It is easily applied to the skin. the serum is absirbed very fast to the skin and it is not skin and it is not tacky. The serum has a light fruity scent which I like a lot. The immediate result be seen, less fine wrinkles and the face is hydrated. I place a thin layer of moisturizer on top of the serum. The overrall effect is very satisfactory, The hydration last the whole day. Overrall, 5-star for Radipair Homme concentrated serum.

  • 2023-06-01 09:15:52

    Snail secretion filtrate? It's great!


    OK, I have to admit that initially, my wife and i were quite hesitant to try this product based on its ingredient list with snail secretion filtrate as the primary component. However, we've used many Korean products over the years and know they are mostly very high quality so we gave it a go. This ampouls is looks and feels very luxurious! It has a very pleasant smell and is very rich like dark golden honey. A small amount an the fingertips goes a long way on my face. It has a small tracky feel initially which quickly disappears as it is absorbed leaving my face smooth and hydrated for hours. 

  • 2023-05-31 16:49:42

    good addition to my skincare routine


    This is one of the thickest serums i've used; it looks and feels like honey. i use one pump on my cleaned and toned face and spread it around my face and sometimes neck. if left alone, it leaves my skin feeling tacky but it doesc great under moisturizers. As long as i moisturize after, I can also put makeup over it. I use a lot of different products and prescriptions and haven't had a reaction with this. I like how my skin has looked while using this (about 2 weeks)) and i'm happy with it.



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